Wadi Degla Swimming Academy|Guidelines

  • Registration is not automatically renewed. Member has to re-register each month.
  • To renew your registration, visit the below website: www.s-teamegypt.com
  • The newcomers have to visit the office only for the first time.
  • To find out more about the dates of the monthly registration and all news concerning the academy, members can:

        1- Check the Sports board.

        2- Check or call the office.

        3- Check our website (www.s-teamegypt.com ).

        4- Check the facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FinsSwim/).

  • Membership ID is a necessity for the registration and payment, and must be for the current year.
  • Due to the long waiting list, monthly fees are due within the deadline of registration. To secure your place, member has to pay on time.
  • Swimmers join the program after technical evaluation.
  • Revaluation is to be held to any swimmer who stops for more than two months. 
  • Dates of training sessions are coordinated with the academy administration.
  • No money refunds.
  • If member has paid for the month and does not attend classes, the money can be held for the following month, only if Swim America office is notified before the start of the second lesson and trainee did not attend first lesson.
  • If a trainee fails to attend a training session, they cannot retake it.
  • The program is divided into 10 levels.
  • The trainee must learn all the required skills in order to pass a level.
  • The technical team of the academy conducts a regular assessment for the trainees.
  • Trainees get an approved certificate from Swim America.
  • Requests for specific coaches are permissible, in private lessons only.
  • From the 8th level, the trainee can begin to obtain the 3 stars of the Egyptian Swimming Federation.
  • Any contact must be done with the academy administration, not with the coach.