One of the most important Tennis academies in Egypt. The Academy has been providing world-class methods of training since 2003.

 The academy is supervised by Captain Mohamed Abd El Fattah (former Egypt and Saudi Arabia National team head coach, joined in Wimbledon and Davis Cup as a junior player).

The academy provides different levels of trainings, from beginner to advanced levels



  • The Academy is open to players from the age of 3 to 7.
  • Players are evaluated every 6 months and organized into groups according to levels of skill.
  • Programs are specified for particular levels of skill.
  • Once complete control is demonstrated in particular skills, players are transferred to the next level.

Programs offered:

The academy applies a worldwide teaching program for kids with a capacity to receive players at any level of skill. All the equipment (balls, nets, courts and racquets) is tailored for each level. 

The following levels are offered: Baby level, Red level, Orange level and Green level.

Once the players complete the programs in the Green level, they are ready to move to adult tennis. Players can start to play on regular courts with normal tennis balls and racquets.


Each stage of tennis; Mini Tennis, Competition and Tournament Elite, Pre Team and First Team 16 and 18 and Pre Team and First Team 12 and 14, has its own head coach and trainers.  In addition, there are several fitness trainers to help keep the athletes in shape.