Infinite Happiness

Mada will bring you the best modern architecture design along layers of sea that will make you experience the meaning of an infinite relaxing vacation.All residents will enjoy the pleasure of having the best sea view, that is only 100 steps away from their homes.

Infinite Relaxation

The beach wide-pool stretches the entire width of the resort with its sparkling water, reflecting the warm sunlight.Get tanned and spend a unique vacation with a never ending view.

Infinite Sea View

Mada has brought you the most desirable terrace ever, you can Invite up to 40 friends for a delicious barbecue while relishing the stunning sea view.Enjoy a peaceful breakfast overlooking the exquisite sunrise and watch the sunset while having your dinner from your very own terrace. Experience the best ambiance the world can offer!

 Infinite Quality Time

Nothing beats a good quality time with friends and family at Mada’s unique indoor and outdoor cafes, that are perfectly located with scenery that helps you energize and relief city stress. 

Infinite Excitement

Your little ones could never be forgotten, they will greatly enjoy the kids area while being surrounded with a friendly, safe and comforting environment.Let your child experience a joyful time at Mada, with endless child activities and pool games for hours of fun! 

Infinite Well-being

Have you ever imagined working out with a beach- wide sea view? Luckily, you enjoy this at Mada,s uniquely designed gym! clear your mind through a daily workout that will keep you fit and energetic.

Infinite Convenience

At Mada you will have your own secured parking spot where your car will lay safe every night to ensure comfort and security.

Infinite Hospitality

With a beautiful view and an exciting mood, find joy in life’s simple pleasures during your stay at Mada’s magnificent hotel.The luxury, the service, and the hospitality will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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